Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm sixteen days late with this question, but did you see the January 2nd travel section of The New York Times? Well, the 'In Transit' column -- a weekly roundup of features from the In Transit blog, which is written by editors and reporters of the Travel section, www.nytimes.com/intransit -- revealed the results of a question readers were asked in early 2010: where do you want to travel this year? I'm so pleased to say that the winner for 2010, "by a landslide" according to the results, is Istanbul! The comment I hear most often when people come back from visiting Istanbul is, "I had no idea how amazing it would turn out to be." And it's absolutely true. And it's also true that my book will help you uncover a wealth of knowledge about the city's history, people, contemporary issues, cuisine, and neighborhoods, and the A to Z Turkish Miscellany is a great mix of places to stay, interesting words and phrases, souvenirs to shop for, and all kinds of tips. Discover Istanbul for yourself if you haven't yet been!

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