Monday, April 19, 2010

I couldn't resist posting another sunset shot from Rainbow Tree ( as well as a group photo taken last year on our final day with all the housekeeping staff.

On our visit this year, three friends joined our group, so we occupied both the large house and the smaller house at Rainbow Point, which is at the other end of the bay. The ten to fifteen minute walk between the houses is along a mostly sandy stretch and sometimes you pass a volleyball game in progress and sometimes you see live sea urchins and sometimes there is boat activity.
A highlight this year was the bonfire that Calvin built on our last night. It was a spectacular structure, and we brought the fixings for som'ores that we shared with a handful of neighborhood kids. They'd never had a marshmallow before (not a bad thing) and therefore never with a chocolate bar and a graham cracker. All in all it was a big hit. We're booked again for next year. If you think Rainbow Tree might be for you, log onto the website and feel free to send any queries to me or to Peter and Karen Kennedy, the (American) proprietors -- they have lived in and traveled around every corner of the Caribbean, and when it came time to settle on one island, they chose Jamaica and they chose Treasure Beach.

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